LF350 cutter labels

Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter – The Crispest Finish You Can Buy!

An outline of how the Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter can change the way your labels are finished and deliver the very best quality of product.

The Eclipse range of digital label cutters are revolutionary pieces of equipment which are lf350_digital_label_cutteralready taking the label printing industry by storm. Here at Eclipse we instil our company values into all of our products which is delivering consistent quality, reliability and durability.  The specification of LF350 digital label cutter is as impressive as the design, with a 5.1 meters per minute output, allowing for a 800mm wide label capability alongside a digital cutting capability of up to 350mm.

As a business that supplies quality products worldwide we will be displaying the cutting ability of the LF350 at Label Expo Americas in September. We are confident that the machine will sell itself as the demonstrations will display how much more efficient the LF350 is compared to our competitors.

The Eclipse LF350 is simple to handle as it was designed to be a compact machine with simple lf350_image_02loading and unloading in most label work environments. The easy to install compact design is followed up by software that puts the customer first as we have focussed on the control panel being as user friendly as possible.

Just in case our customers are novices to the Label market we do provide full training on the product; even before installation they are well acquainted with the easy to use systems.  The level of service we offer continues after purchase as we have a comprehensive support network in place for our customers with constant lines of communication to contact our sales and technical staff.

Why Should You Purchase Your Own Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter ?

You may be aware that during the label production, label printing is likely to be quicker than cutting and finishing .Knowing this, we were determined to create a lf350_image_03product that would reduce this time difference significantly. The LF350 will certainly do this with an increase of roughly 1.5meters per minute compared to a standard finisher; our customers understand that this can be the difference between profit, loss, success and failure.

If you are not sure on whether to upgrade to an Eclipse machine we suggest you take a look and see the difference yourself.  If you are available for the LabelExpo Americas we would be more than happy to talk you through our products and the benefits they will bring to your company. If you are unavailable for the shows then do not hesitate to contact us via our email address or phone number located below and we can arrange a demonstration or explain in more detail about the products that we offer.

T: +44 (0)1623 861 173