What Digital Label Printing Can Bring to your Company

Are you currently using a flexographic Label printing method or buying labels from a printer that uses flexo?? Are you considering digital label printing but not sure if it can meet demand or cope with your needs? Wondering if this technology is worth the investment? Here at Eclipse we can understand your concern when investing in new technology so we have created a blog to put your mind at ease.

First of all we need to address the benefits and downsides of the flexographic printing which for some time has dominated the label printing market.  The main reason behind the continuous success of this method is the impressive output figures when producing a large quantity.  The ability to produce at a high speed is down to simplicity of the machines production process; templates are made prior to production, ink is applied then rolled onto the label.

The simplicity of the function has undoubtedly been a success in an industry where company’s labels historically are produced with the same designs for long periods of time.  However in DSC_0011
recent times there has been an increasing need for businesses to change designs more often due to customer demand. Even though the process of the label production is relatively simple and quick, the setup of the machines is much more time consuming due to creating the label plates and origination, plus loading the raw materials on to the machines. Alongside the setup requirements the machines are generally quite large and they will need a large workspace.  In contrast to this digital printer set up is almost instant with just a need for the consumables and software – this combined will be a size that would fit into most workspaces.

A trend in the label industry that is becoming increasingly popular is customised and more personal label designs. The best example of this would be the Coke ‘share with a friend campaign’ which was a major success and achieved a large amount of exposure on social media.

This campaign was able to be successful because of the capabilities of digital label printing. The hardware allows much more flexibility and this allows your company to produce various lines of labels for numerous customers or ranges simultaneously. This ability to produce ranges quickly without practically any set up could drastically reduce the print time and therefore can greatly
improve your production rate and customer retention.

What kinds of companies will benefit?

We understand that previously digital label printing had fit into somewhat of a niche with itEclipse LF350s production rates generally not being high enough. Traditional flexo printers preferred to stick to longer runs as they were more profitable, and end-users would prefer to outsource their labels as it is too much hassle. However in recent times this has changed as there has been a vast increase in production rates with up to 18 linear meters print per minute for both print and cutting which allows printing companies and end-users to manage longer runs as well as shorter more variable ones. For end-user clients, the technology will allow them to produce their own labels simply and quickly whilst using a minimal amount of workspace, and for label print
companies, adding digital printing and cutting enables you to tap into a reactive market and cope easily with short run requests that are now competitive compared to before.

In essence investing in a digital label printer is investing in the future and will increase the quality, the speed and the dynamism of your company, whether end user or printer.

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