Application: Microbrewery / Craft Beers


Product:  Craft Beers, New flavours, using varied brewing techniques
Requirements:  Frequently changing labels, low volumes
Solution:  Inhouse Label finishing equipment – Eclipse Mini+ (inline print through label finishing)

Operating a microbrewery

Placing limited quantities of crafted beers and ales into a commercial operation will always have its challenges. From the development of the brand – through to packaging options.

Craft brewers like to connect with their customers individually using distinct labels and packaging designs to build a strong brand loyalty.

Essentially, for microbreweries to operate several routes to market the choice of packaging becomes paramount.

Questions that need to be answered are:

  1. How will the beer be sold?
  2. How will the beer be consumed?
  3. What’s the most appropriate packaging?
  4. How frequently will you change the labels
  5. Will you sell direct to the consumer?
  6. What other packaging requirements?  (Postal, Couriers)

Choosing the right combinations for your brewery business will depend how you plan to sell to the consumer.

The Challenge

Independently owned microbreweries need to consider the full range of routes to market. Keeping cost in-check is especially important when there are several crafted beers being produced in limited quantities on an ongoing basis. Without a structured approach to selling newly crafted beers and ales, new businesses can often run into high-production development costs including, product branding labelling and packaging.

The Solution

The introduction of the Eclipse label finishing equipment to the core business allows companies to develop new labelling and packaging designs digitally in-house.

Business impact 

Development of in-house label production is a massive advantage to the independent microbrews.  

Having the ability to change labelling on-demand, companies can significantly grow, selling to local retailers, restaurants, sports events, and pubs specialising in craft beer and ales.