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Impression Technology Europe attended the Label & Print show on the 1st and 2nd of March 2017, take a look at what we showcased there!

The biggest labelling show in the industry just got bigger!

Impression Technology Europe who manufacture the Eclipse range of label finishing equipment attended the Label & Print show on the 1st and 2nd of March 2017. This was a grand affair, with much to see and do. We showcased the very best of our product range to stand out from the crowd…And we did.

The Label & Print show saw the UK debut of the DC 220-ST label finishing equipment and what a debut it was! The machine ran seamlessly as we had it cutting and finishing continuously throughout the event. Visitors to the stand were particularly impressed with the speed of the machine coupled with the silent and smooth cutting mechanism which created a fluid production process. As we designed and manufactured the machines from scratch we felt tremendous pride due to the overwhelming positive feedback.

Click Here to see the DC 220-ST in action.

The Eclipse LF3 also was demonstrated alongside the larger finishing machine, offering the attendees a machine that is suitable for a slightly lower production whilst not compromising on the quality of the finish and the build of the machine.

Click Here to see the LF3 in action.

What label printer can offer the best label printing alongside the Eclipse finishing range? The Compress LP4 offers you a high production rate which combines with the Eclipse range for a fast and smooth production process. The Compress range drew a large crowd in with its impressive high-speed printing technology, offering up to 9.14 meters per minute. This combined with the 600 x 1200 dpi printing provides consistency, quality and fast efficient printing.  Read here how Talbot Chemicals brought their label printing in-house.

Click Here to see the Compress LP4 in action.

As we attempted to cover all the bases and introduce products to every level of label production we also brought the Epson ColorWorks range of in-house label printers. These machines are incredible quality for the size and much more cost effective for customers that currently outsource to other label companies. We found that people at the show were not only excited by the prospect of labels on demand but also impressed at how you can go from design to printed label in a matter of minutes.

ITE as a company try to stay ahead of consumer trends, always being early adopters whilst making sure to distribute the most reliable products on the market. One part of the signage industry that is becoming increasingly more important is flatbed UV printing. As this industry seemed like the next natural step we decided to invest into distributing the Compress iUV range. The Compress iUV-600s took the show by storm by demonstrating the sheer variety of substrates that it’s able to print on.  This could be from glass to plywood, the sheer variety of industries this machine is able to be of use in is vast.

Click Here to see the iUV 600s in action.

Overall, we had a fantastic show with each product range receiving tremendous praise. We are already looking forward to the next time we can demonstrate our complete range of label production and UV printing technology.

If you have any questions or would like a chat about your digital printing and finishing needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch via telephone: +44 (0)1623 861173, email: or online chat.

Eclipse DC220-ST

Label Finishing Equipment on Show at Label & Print 2017!

Meet us at Label & Print and Test Our Label Finishing Equipment.

The Eclipse team will be exhibiting at the Label and Print show again this year. Taking place in March 2017, the show is the largest in the UK for packaging and thousands of visitors come from far corners of the globe to see the label equipment on offer.

We’re extremely proud of our machines and the way the enable you to take control over your label finishing, and if you want to see proof of how easy it is, we can print and cut labels live, in front of your very eyes.

You can see:

The Eclipse LF3 digital label finishing unit – this competitively priced, compact design offers world class technology and creates a stunning finish to digitally printed labels in no time whatsoever. Quite simply this machines pays for itself quickly and can shave upto 40% off your label costs.

Eclipse DC220-ST

European Launch of the Eclipse DC220-ST (Shuttle Type)

The European launch of the Eclipse DC220 ST label finisher after its USA  launch at Label Expo last year. The “Eclipse DC220 ST” die cut to register label finishing machine has been designed in the UK by us and is now available to order in the UK.  This machine combines many features you would expect to find on more expensive equipment making it accessible and affordable to the market like never before.

Web tensioning, web guidance, a crush cut slitting system, state of the art servo control with ease of use, plus dual reversible label re-wind devices, give the Eclipse DC220 ST the leading edge on technology against its competitors. There are many features you would not expect to see on a small foot print inline die cut to register label finishing machine. This powerful machine cuts up to 25 linear meters per minute – come to stand J10 to see all of the features in action.

See the DC 220-ST in action below:

Looking for a Label printer?

Look no further! ITE are showcasing various different label printers for every level of production:
Compress LP4

The Compress LP4 dry toner printer has taken the label market by storm and is gaining some well-deserved exposure in industry publications. This machine eliminates the need for outsourcing, cuts down the costs of label printing and allows for a more streamlined production process.

Compress LP4 Printer

EPSON C3500 & C7500G

The Epson models have been specially selected as a new ‘entry level’ range from ITE. Both models offer high-speed colour labelling for a low cost. The C3500 is low on cost, not quality and it delivers high-quality prints at speeds of up to 103mm/sec meaning your business will save time and money as you will no longer need to outsource label production. The C7500G is a meatier industrial version for environments that require that extra layer of durability.

EPSON C7500G & C3500


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