Advantages of In-house Labelling, Lamination and Production

The Eclipse finishing process includes a precision digital Die-cutting system developed specifically for the Eclipse Brand by Summa. Designed to Laminate and cut on all kinds of substrates including, papers of all styles, coated, and none coated, BOPP, polyester, and vinyl.

In today’s global supply chains, the packaging processes can occur in multiple locations. So, when labelling is integrated with a highly effective layer of transparent film you are adding strength, firmness, and protection against scuffs, and scratches. Lamination also adds a seal of waterproofing against stains and other forms of damage, increasing the durability and the life of the label, while products are in transit.

Manufactures need to be ready and willing to rethink how they operate.

Better quality labelling is essential to the smooth flow of any manufacturing process and re-thinking the requirement of your operation is critical.

With new business models being built around seasonal changing products there is a need to response to consumer demands in a timely manner.

Investing in Eclipse label finishing equipment will support your warehouse and logistics teams with a complete labelling solution. Giving them full access to a consistent supply of quality labels, printed, laminated, digitally Die-cut to Spec. on site, in hours, cutting costs in the process. Replacing complex supporting supply chains that would usually take months to finalise.

Why laminate?

Lamination is a completely cost-effective part of the production cycle, bringing durability to the finished labels. Adding extra stability throughout the supply chain logistics.

Lamination also offers a variety of protection, from adding a layer of plastic film to the printed label reducing fading of the design; through to the same clear protective film providing a level of protection against smudges, stains, water, fingerprints, keeping the label wrinkle free and clean.

How does lamination compliment the label appearance?

Depending on which type of laminate you choose. Using a matt or gloss lamination can enhance the labels appearance in very different ways, including, improving the colour of the printed design to adding, a luxury texture to the surface of the printed label.

Why should Eclipse labelling process be integrated within the manufacturing process?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider bring Eclipses label finishing technology into your business.

  • The need to move away from the traditional manufacturing models requiring external label production cycles.
  • Better control – streamlining the complete labelling process in-house
  • Self-sufficient – responding quickly to new label requirements producing on demand designer labels inhouse.
  • Support your warehouse and logistics teams – entire packaging process will run smoothly
  • To reduce costs and waiting times!

Are you ready to future-proof your labelling systems ?

In terms of investment into Eclipse Brand:

We are looking to set-up a distribution network across companies within label production supply chains.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or are you interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.

You are invited to contact Adam in the first instance, by email, to arrange a conference call or a book a live equipment demonstration.