TRUF Distributer for Eclipse since 2015

We are really, glad that we have an Eclipse brand ambassador as active as TRUF.

TRUF operate a full-fledged supply-chain operation, selling Eclipse equipment, including technical support. Their ability to provide ‘The TRUF Solution’ a complete package of supporting services was fundamental to TRUF becoming one of the very first distributors for Eclipse Brand, Globally.
TRUF team of experts have a transparent and effective approach to growing key organizations and customers from emerging Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. These fast-growing markets are taking a big interest in label finishing technology.

The interesting question is, how many organizations are going big with Eclipse equipment, embedded into their manufacturing operation?

You could argue that, TRUF in the digital print world has taken a real leadership stance around label finishing equipment, placing a very different angle around sales, and selling of Eclipse Brand. Combining their existing experience and client base, has helped TRUF expand Eclipse into traditional label companies, allowing these companies to catch-up and compete effectively within quickly evolving environments where stakeholders are able to restructure and prioritize their Label production on demand.

For establishing Eclipse Label Finishing equipment into highly establish marketplaces across South East Asia. We would just like to say huge thank you to
TRUF Our Eclipse Brand Ambassador in South East Asia