What does your labelling tell the consumer about your product?

Across the globe, our approach to what we buy and what we are eating is changing.

Increasingly, individuals looking for health or lifestyle choices are wanting to know what’s in there, off-the-shelf, or out-of-the cooler, pre-packaged food options!

The more clarity, honesty, and transparency, the easier it is for consumers to make safe informed choices about the pre-packaged food they buy and consume every day.

People are looking to food producers to supply full disclosure of all ingredients printed onto their labels. Labelling all allergens and substances that are used in their food production including, where the product has been processed and packaged.

Prepacked foods directly for sale also require ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date, which helps consumers plan when and where they will eat the products they buy, with communication on storage helping to reduce food wastage.

Additionally, labelling where your products come from can also be extremely important to the consumers who opted to seek out and support local produces, as we are all looking to reduce our carbon footprint!

So, what does your labelling tell the consumer about your product?
Many local produces think they should really improve their labelling content but find that to do this requires large investments.

Eclipse label finishing equipment challenges this problem head-on.

Combining printers with the ‘all singing and, all dancing’, Eclipse Mini and Mini+ finishing equipment, is exactly what local enterprises have been waiting for. Developed to give an impressive optimal production rate, with cutting speed of up to 8 meters per minute. The Mini and Mini+ will laminate and cut on all kinds of substrates including, papers of all styles, coated, and none coted, BOPP, polyester, and vinyl’s, producing on demand designer labels.

All information on the label can be updated or completely changed, fast and efficiently inhouse; enabling producers to change and develop their pre-packaged products frequently, suppling full disclosure of all ingredients printed onto their labels as and when required, on a lower investment structure.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or you are interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.

You are invited to contact Adam in the first instance, by email, to arrange a conference call or a book a live equipment demonstration.

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