Eclipse offers a future-proof labels finishing system

Summa is a strong brand in the cutter industry, recognised for its high-quality digital cutting and drag-knife systems.

Over the years Summa technologies has agreed to exclusively share some of their digital cutting technology with organisations, who develop and manufacture a complementary range of products and digital cutting systems.

A long-term relationship between Summa and Eclipse enabled Eclipse Label Finishing Equipment to adopt their drag-knife cutting technology. Integrating this complexed digital cutting system into an automated label manufacturing process, making Eclipse label production easier, faster and better!

Eclipse finishing equipment is all about making labels and labelling smarter. Using Samma digital cutting system we developed a multifunctional cutting head, that’s both flexible and versatile and can adapt to the lots of material options, including paper, PP, BOPP and many more.

Eclipse finishing equipment have become industry sort after, whether you have your business within industries who produce self-adhesive label materials or manufacture who require the label finishing equipment inhouse; it is likely that you could be dealing with a wide variety of labelling applications !

Are you ready to future-proof your labelling systems ?

In terms of investment into Eclipse Brand:

We are looking to set-up a distribution network across companies within label production supply chains.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or you are interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.

You are invited to contact Adam in the first instance, by email, to arrange a conference call or a book a live equipment demonstration.