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We know where the bottleneck is.

We know you’re frustrated because your products are SELLING more than ever, but you can’t get your labels produced fast enough, slowing production down.

And it’s not the label printer’s fault. Your Epson Colourworks, Afinia, VIP, Astra Nova, Canon, Durst, Colordyne, HP or any number of label printers is printing labels fast enough…

You just lose too much time moving from printing to finishing, Slitting, cutting, and laminating.

Because you’re actually MOVING from label printing to your finishing station. Carrying the printed roll to the drag knife finisher or, worse, doing the final process manually.

No matter how carefully you set up your artwork or how creative you get in organizing your print runs, the bottleneck stays in place.

It’s costing you TIME, and it’s costing you MONEY.

The answer is ECLIPSE Label Finishing SOLUTIONS

The problem up until now has been that even the best label finishing machines on the market couldn’t keep up with the sheer speed of a good quality commercial labeling machine.

There’s also no middle-ground option available in an upgrade.

In other words, you can purchase an Epson Colourworks or Afinia label printer for a very competitive price – and they’re actually faster than you probably really need because label finishing just can’t keep up.

But a printer-finisher combination unit that will is financially way out of reach.

Enter the ECLIPSE Finishing Bundles

ACU-01 with Mini+

Printer not included

ACU-01 with LF-220HS

Printer not included

LF-220 LAS Laser System

The Magic of the ACU-1

The clever device that makes it possible to literally bridge the gap between your label printing printer and one of the Eclipse label finishing devices was engineered by the team right here at Eclipse.

The idea is that the “Accumulator” provides a flexible buffer between your printer and the Eclipse label finishing system.

It uses the automatically adjusting tension rollers called the “Dancing Bar” to precisely adjust the flow of printed labels into the finisher – the faster your printer prints, the more distance the ACU-01 provides between the 2 machines.

So, you simply print as you normally do, and the finished labels come out at the other end of your bundled system.

In Line Printing and Finishing

Here’s a great example of how Eclipse Bundle 1 works, using the Epson C6500 label printer printing a run for a small food and beverage manufacturer.

Remarkably, it’s just a TWO step process.

Step 1: the Epson Colourworks c6000, c6500 & c7500 label printer is running at full tilt printing the labels.

Step 2: the ACU-01’s dancer bar is controlling the flow into the Eclipse Mini+, or Eclipse LF220HS is slitting, weeding, laminating, and re-rolling the labels.

If you’re not finishing in-line, it’s EASY to see the advantages in speed and convenience!

Label Finishing Machine Options

Eclipse Mini+

Fast, accurate, and cost-effective, the Eclipse Mini+ is the most popular of our label-finishing machines because it drastically speeds up label production for short-run shops.

Compatible with a variety of Epson label printers and paired with the ACU-01 the Eclipse Mini+’s features make it a great choice for small batch manufacturers looking to streamline their packaging/labeling in a small space.

Why choose Mini+

laser label finishing system

The Eclipse LF220HS for Higher Volume

The difference between the Mini+ and the LF220HS is INDUSTRIAL SPEED and heavy duty components.

Choose the LF220HS if you’re ready to skip the first stage in improving your label production and leap ahead to higher volume speeds.

At up to 8.5 meters/minute, this system is 25% faster than the Eclipse Mini+ and just compounds the impact of adding inline label finishing altogether.

You’ll also notice that the LF220HS is built for longer label length at over 15” vs the 10” limit on the Mini+. So, if your niche includes BIG THINGS, then this large label finisher is perfect for your business.

Why choose Eclipse LF220HS


25 Metres per MINUTE.

You would literally pay 5X to 10X times as much for that speed if you were looking for yesterday’s big name, inline label production systems.

But that’s all in the past now that the engineering team at Eclipse Labeling Equipment has perfected inline laser label finishing

Your choice – either add a pre-printed media roll or feed inline directly from your existing high volume 220mm label printer.

The sit back and watch while the 220LAS handles the inline feed control, laminates, cuts and finishes your all-day production needs in a blink.

This is the pinnacle of narrow web label finishing systems!

Why choose Eclipse LF220 LAS

What you CAN’T See

Eclipse was invented in and is manufactured in Great Britain with pride and attention to detail that you just don’t see other manufacturing concerns.

The team here at Eclipse is trained not only in the latest manufacturing and quality control techniques, but in the application of the products themselves.

That intimate understanding of what YOU do informs every phone call, training session and tech support request that comes through.

Along with a professional, conscientious dealer network around the world – Eclipse is here for you and your business – your success is our success!

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