Introducing the New Eclipse LF220hs Label finishing machine

Introducing the NEW Eclipse LF220hs Label finishing Machine

The very latest fast track label cutting and finishing machine by Eclipse, delivers high-speed labels up to 8.5m per minute !

This economical space saving model has a small footprint developed to sit neatly in the corner of the factory or workshop on a sturdy bench. Accurate precision engineered, designed to handle large bulk label orders and short runs, using digital drag knife technology developed using Summa technology. Cutting dies are not required !

The Eclipse LF220hs benefits from being designed and developed specifically for end users wishing to produce medium to large bulk orders.

  • Accurate: Precision Engineering
  • Space Saving: Medium footprint
  • Capacity: Large to Medium Media Web
  • High Speed: Up to 8.5m per minute
  • Longer Label Length: Up to 386mm
  • Easy-to-Use: Developed with state-of-the-art software & management systems
  • Straightforward: The operator panel allows to-set and recall parameters, rotating speed, & position
  • Producers: Different Shape Label (automatically changing from one to another)
  • Operates: Drag knife and tangential emulation
  • Simple: Fluid simulation program guarantees the best inline label production
  • Low Maintenance: Machine uses position indicators to recall the head & roll positions, making any format change faster & easier

Are you ready to future-proof your labelling systems ?

In terms of investment into Eclipse Brand:

We are looking to set-up a distribution network across companies within label production supply chains.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or are you interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.

You are invited to contact Adam in the first instance, by email, to arrange a conference call or a book a live equipment demonstration.