We offer a range of label finishing equipment including compact models like the Mini+, high-speed models like the LF220 LAS, and versatile options like the LF350. Some also include options for In-Line production with your label printer as well as off-line, where you take the printed roll of labels from your printer station and load them onto an Eclipse label finishing machine.
Our equipment integrates seamlessly with popular label printers such as Epson Colour works and as well as many Memjet based printers. Contact us for a full compatibility list.
Consider factors like production volume, label complexity, speed requirements, physical space and budget. For more detailed guidance reach out to us directly. As we are the actual manufacturer our staff are very qualified to help you choose the right product set.
Speeds vary by model, with the LF220HS offering up to 8.5 meters per minute and the LF220 LAS achieving up to 25 meters per minute.
Yes, our machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces and require minimal maintenance to ensure smooth operation. In addition, our dealers around the globe are equipped to train you.
Absolutely. Our machines are equipped with advanced die-cutting capabilities to handle intricate label designs and various shapes and sizes. 

Technical support and in-person training is typically handled through your local dealer, but we’re always available to answer questions (English language) – simply contact us here.

Costs vary depending on the model and its features. We offer a range of options to suit different budgets. For detailed pricing, please contact our sales team.
You can purchase our equipment directly through our website or by contacting our sales team for personalized assistance.
Yes, all our equipment comes with a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty. Specific terms and conditions apply depending on the model.
Yes, all Eclipse machines can cut pre-determined shapes to plain media, saving the high cost of purchasing precut media.
Yes, all Eclipse models can apply a self-wound laminate of your choice.