Labels and Transparency

Can you respond to label transparency and information trends?

Eclipse label finishing equipment has been developed to give a new flexibility to self-adhesive label production. The communication route between sellers and their consumer is via the packaging of finished goods. Typically label application including: Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits, and Health & Beauty, are all segments that require high product decoration, shelf appeal and product information.

Now more than ever, business around the world have a responsibility to inform consumers about the products they buy every day, with openness and transparency, on everything from sustainably and recyclable content, through too nutrition information and shelf-life parameters.

Labels and labelling are a requirement on just about everything we use in our daily lives, they clarify product information into what, why, where, when and include safety warnings!

Being able to communicate via transparent labelling and having the ability to change information frequently, is key. How will you respond to the transparency trend?

Eclipse digital label technology offers the seller, in-house, interchangeable, automated label production with the ability to rework label information as required.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or you are interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.  You are invited to contact Adam in the first instance, by email, to arrange a conference call or a book a live equipment demonstration.