Switching to flexible in-house labelling

Switching to flexible in-house labelling with Eclipse label finishing equipment.

Successful integration of good quality labelling into your brands is so important. We all know that the first connection with products, particularly where you really want to showcase a lifestyle and appeal to the consumers sense of emotion, and their inherent desire to be part of what is currently trending, is both brand and what’s on the label!

Growing a customer base is always about research and inspiration; remember, customers do not know what they are missing until they make a purchase and try the product. Usually, the first promotional reference to your products seen by potential customer is the label.

Let’s talk about labels and labelling. Creating a packaging experience that speaks to your customers is an art. You must consider functionality, as well as visual appeal, this is where your branding will come into its own!

Labelling and packaging must be:

  • Obvious and easy to see
  • Clear and easy to read
  • Easy to understand
  • Not misleading in any way, shape, or form

Sounds obvious, but these four points can affect the consumers choice and their decision making!

So, what does your labelling say about your product?  You may be surprised to hear that may organisations think they should really do something different with their labelling to increase their market presence, but unless there is a lot of energy and resources behind this, nothing happens.  Eclipse label finishing equipment gives you the ability to make changes to your packaging fast and efficiently inhouse; enabling organizations to develop their label capacity, changing designs frequently on a lower investment structure.

Combining printers with the ‘all singing and, all dancing’, Eclipse Mini and Mini+ finishing equipment, is exactly what enterprises have been waiting for.

Developed to give an impressive optimal production rate, with cutting speed of 8 meters per minute. The Mini and Mini+ will laminate and cut on all kinds of substrates including, papers of all styles, coated, and none coted, BOPP, polyester, and vinyl’s, producing on demand designer labels.

If you would like further information on the Eclipse product range or you are interested in becoming part of our specialist dealerships.

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