The Importance of Label Finishing and A Perfect Pairing with Epson Printers

Let’s dive into a less talked about an often ignored, yet crucial part of the label-making process – label finishing.

Think of it as the cherry on top that takes your label from just “printed” to “wow, that looks amazing!”

And when you bring Epson printers into the mix, you’re setting the stage for some truly standout labels.

So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s explore the ins and outs of label finishing and why it’s a game-changer for your labels, especially when paired with the reliability and quality of Epson printers.

So, What's Label Finishing Anyway?

Imagine you’ve just printed a batch of labels.  

They look good, but they’re not quite ready to face the world.  

That’s where label finishing comes into play. It’s all the magic that happens after printing – cutting to shape, adding a protective coat, maybe some shiny foil for a bit of sparkle, or a raised texture for that premium feel.  

It’s about making your labels not just survive but thrive, whether they’re stuck on a wine bottle in a fridge or on a sunscreen bottle at the beach. 

Why Bother with Label Finishing?

  1. Tough Love: We’re talking about making your labels tough enough to handle whatever comes their way – be it a splash of water or the sun’s harsh rays. Laminating and varnishing are like giving your labels a suit of armor. 
  2. Lookin’ Good: It’s all about catching the eye and making sure your product stands out in a sea of competitors. A little foil here, some embossing there, and you’ve got a label that’s hard to ignore.
  3. Be Unforgettable: Custom finishes help your brand stick in customers’ minds. It’s about creating a tactile experience that can make your product feel more luxurious or just plain interesting. 
  4. Practical Magic: Sometimes, finishing touches add more than just looks. They can make your labels more user-friendly, like adding a resealable feature or making them easier to grip. 

Epson Printers: The Perfect Match for Eclipse Finishing

Eclipse finishing equipment is pretty awesome on its own, but pair it with an Epson printer, and you’ve got a dynamic duo. Epson is known for its top-notch print quality and versatility, making it a perfect match for Eclipse’s finishing prowess. Here are a couple of Epson stars that shine bright when combined with Eclipse finishing: 

  • Epson ColorWorks C3500: Ideal for small to medium businesses, this printer is a little powerhouse. Match it with Eclipse’s Mini finishing unit, and you’ve got yourself a setup that can handle custom labels with ease, making them look and feel top-shelf. 
  • Epson SurePress L-6534VW: If you’re in the big leagues, printing labels by the thousands, this is the printer for you. Combine it with the Eclipse LF350-HS finishing machine, and you’re all set to churn out high-quality, durable labels that can take on the world. 
  • Epson ColorWorks C7500: For those who need reliability and high volume without compromising on quality, the C7500 is your go-to. Paired with Eclipse finishing equipment, it allows for the seamless creation of labels that look great and last long. 

Real-World Magic

  • Craft Brewery Labels: Imagine a craft beer label printed with the Epson ColorWorks C7500, then finished with a matte varnish and a touch of gold foiling. It’s not just a label; it’s a beacon for beer lovers, promising something special inside the bottle. 
  • Boutique Cosmetics Labels: A cosmetics label embossed to perfection, catching the light and the customer’s eye, thanks to the precision of the Epson SurePress and Eclipse’s finishing touch. It’s the kind of label that whispers luxury before the product even touches the skin. 
  • Organic Food Labels: Here’s where the Epson ColorWorks C3500 and Eclipse’s eco-friendly finishing come together to create a label that’s as kind to the planet as it is to the eyes. It’s durable, it’s beautiful, and it tells a story of sustainability. 

Wrapping It Up

Label finishing is the secret sauce that can take your labels from “just printed” to “just perfect.” And when you bring Epson printers into the equation, you’re looking at labels that aren’t just labels but powerful tools for your brand.  

They’re durable, they’re gorgeous, and they’re ready to make your product shine on the shelves. So, when you think about your next label project, remember: it’s not just about printing. It’s about finishing strong.