The Role of Label Printers in In-House Manufacturing

Bringing label printing in-house is a strategic move for many manufacturers, offering control over the production process, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

And label printers can play a pivotal role in boutique or in-house manufacturing as volumes and customer demands increase.

Let’s review when to consider making the shift, the cost savings involved, and the indispensable role of a label finishing system.

Knowing When You're Ready to Bring Label Printing In-House

If you’re a growing business, deciding where and how to increase efficiencies and speed up production can be difficult – because you know that it will impact the next 3-5 years or more of growth.

Here are a few ways you can determine if bringing label printing in house is the right move.

Assessing Volume and Demand:

If your business frequently updates product information or launches new products, the flexibility of printing labels in-house can be a game-changer. High volumes and the need for quick turnaround times also indicate you’re ready to make the shift.

Offering a quicker turnaround time than your competition maybe a KEY marketing advantage that gives you the upper hand and earns you more business.

Customization Needs:

Businesses that require high levels of customization or operate in markets where product differentiation is key may find in-house label printing offers the agility needed to stay competitive.

Another way for small batch manufacturers to make a big business impact is the ability to customize for sponsorships or even individual events. Imagine being able to turn out labels for your product with a big company’s logo, CEO’s photo or event name on it on short notice!

Quality Control:

The only thing worse than getting a large order in from your outsourced label vendor that has an error or a misprint on it – is not NOTICING until those labels have already been applied!

Because nothing can be fixed until your vendor re-prints and re-ships the labels…

Having your own printing and label finishing in house means that you can not only keep an eye on the quality as they come off the press, but you can also make quick changes and corrections immediately.

Cost Savings and Efficiency of Printing Your Own Labels

Reduced Lead Times:

This may actually be the reason that you’re looking into In-house label printing.

One of the most common motivations for bringing labeling in house is to eliminate the wait times associated with outsourcing.

You need to move fast to stay competitive!

Waste Reduction:

Have you ever had to throw out CASES of preprinted labels because of some minor change?

A change in a recipe, or marketing message, or some legal requirement you discovered?

Printing labels on demand reduces waste associated with obsolete or excess inventory, contributing to more sustainable operations. And that’s not just good for the environment, it’s an opportunity to communicate your green approach to your client base.

Typical In-House Labeling System Configuration

A typical setup for in-house, narrow web label production that marries the precision of an Epson label printer with the versatility of an Eclipse finishing system represents a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to streamline their labeling process.

Starting with an Epson ColorWorks printer, such as the C7500 or C6500A, businesses can print high-quality, durable labels with vibrant colors and sharp details.

These printers are designed for efficiency, handling a wide range of label sizes and materials and are used by small and big companies alike for their combination of performance and low cost.

Following printing, the labels move to an Eclipse finishing system, which adds the final touches necessary for a professional look and feel. The Eclipse system can laminate for added durability, die-cut to any shape, remove excess material, and slit labels to the desired size, preparing them for immediate application.

This setup not only optimizes the label production process for speed and flexibility but also ensures labels are of the highest quality, ready to represent the brand on any product.

Read more about Eclipse Labeling System options here: